MuteDesign Blocks

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We're on the starting Blocks to fight your noise.

Blocks, our versatile family of acoustic panels, celebrate the classic geometrical shapes, adding structure & familiarity to any interior while offering the highest sound absorption properties.

Featuring 6 key shapes in various sizes, Blocks offer endless configuration possibilities. You can either keep it calm, making a simple repeat pattern, or let your imagination free and create a complex piece of „art”. Blocks are also highly flexible: you can easily rearrange them to form a new pattern, shuffle the colours when you redecorate or add more panels to further boost acoustic properties.

Product characteristics

The beauty of Blocks emerges when multiple panels are hanged together on a wall, or on a ceiling. The meeting of their rounded edges creates a beautiful interplay of light and shadows, which can be further underlined by a tasteful selection of colors.

Product Downloads

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