MuteDesign Canvas

Canvas 1

Sail to silence under full Canvas.

Picturesque yet humble, Canvas is a large, very powerful noise absorber that you can fully trust to solve your bigger rooms' acoustic problems.

Inspired by avant-garde monochrome paintings, which are simple yet visually striking, Canvas hangs big and proud, creating a sense of dignity and grace. Canvas' substantial size features a sturdy structure, filled with high performing acoustic material that will give your big halls, conference rooms and open spaces an optimal sound experience.

Product characteristics

Canvas are only available in rectangular shapes and big formats. To perfectly fit your walls, its size can be customized, up to 1.2m x 2.4m. Geometrically perfect, Canvas straight lines, perfect edges and right angles convey a sense of purity, balance and stability.

Product Downloads

  • Canvas MuteDesign Brochure.pdf

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