MuteDesign Shell

Shell 1

You just found a true acoustic pearl in our Shell.

Discreet, graphic & fluid, our Shell blends exceptional acoustic performance, flexibility and simple installation behind a brilliant design.

Although being lightweight and quiet, Shell maintains a graphic presence due to its signature curved shape, upholstered front & metalised back. Shell is not only beautiful. It is also a powerful acoustic panel built for optimum noise reduction, featuring the best absorbing material to deliver maximum performance.

Product characteristics

Corners in a room are undeniably tricky, hard to fill and decorate. Shell redefines their use, giving them not only a stylish edge but, above all, an acoustic function. Hanged on a ceiling, Shell looks stunning, almost like a piece of modern art. While its front can be upholstered in a variety of fabrics, its metalised back is always painted in one of our carefully chosen colors.

Product Downloads

  • Shell MuteDesign Brochure.pdf

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