Movie & Arts Inmersus

Movie & Arts Group is a post-production company with three offices in Italy, providing VFX, CGI, video and audio editing and graphic design and one office in London, (Movie & Arts UK Limited), dedicated to interactive software solutions.

Over the last 2 years M&A have developed a unique virtual communication platforms called Inmersus that enables you to create clear and effective communication channels between you and your chosen audience in the following ways:

Inmersus Collaboration Tool allows people to share their minds and merge their ideas and influences in a simple and intuitive way, with the power to share content between multiple different devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Inmersus Digital Signage changes the way content is distributed throughout digital signage networks offering a new level of engagement with audiences using multi-touch surfaces and sensors

Inmersus Dynamic Presenter transforms the way in which multi-media content can be pooled together and manipulated to enhance corporate presentations, as well as staff and customer training sessions in an effortless manner that illuminate audiences.

Since both content and settings of each applications are easily customisable, via user friendly interfaces, messages, presentations and collaborative meetings can be adapted to the environment and context for which they are used in order to engage audiences on a more intimate level.

Product Downloads

  • Movie & Arts Inmersus Overview.pdf

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  • Movie & Arts Project Portfolio.pdf

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